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Welcome to Billbarter Group

We are delighted to have served the needs of financiers, project managers, and investors of the international market for 15+ years. With an extensive network and many successful projects, we take pride in our expertise, and thousands of satisfied clients attest to our professionalism. We offer a wide spectrum of business services, with the goal of finding the optimal business solution for you and your team transforming your ideas into a successful and profitable venture. We select the most appropriate solutions from our broad range of offerings based on your needs. We view every business relationship as an opportunity for long-term collaboration and strive to support your project from the very beginnings to the to successful completions.

If you are seeking a profitable international investment, please review our selection of luxury real estate properties in Dubai. Our high-end properties offering excellent returns and coming directly from the developers. We provide comprehensive administration, from purchasing to long-term leasing, tailored to meet your specific needs/investment targets. Our expert team continuously updates their knowledge and skills to stay current with market trends and information. Personalized guidance and close collaboration are the keys to our success in supporting clients through financial and business challenges. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your business goals on the international scale. Please contact us to learn more!

icon Financing Brokerage

With the help of our international network, we find the most suitable financing for your project, whether it's an existing project or a new greenfield investment. We specialize in sourcing funding for completely unique and non-bank oriented businesses and funding sources.

icon Project Financing

In certain cases, we have the possibility to make equity investments in specific projects on our own discretion funded by our direct sources. Currently, we carry out this activity through two of our own companies: HTEMEN Invest and FAE.

icon Real estate investments in Dubai

The Dubai real estate market is characterized by high yields and the possibility of constant appreciation. Through our direct agreements with the developers, we can provide comprehensive support and offer premium properties at the best price, even allowing payment in installments, through loans, or payment/deposit opportunities with cryptocurrencies.

icon Crowdfunding management

If crowdfunding is the best option for your project, we are ready to find the right platform for it, providing support for registration to your future platform that meets the requirements, and create the necessary marketing and other necessary materials. We will take your crowdfunding campaign management from start to successful completion.

icon Financing network

For your healthy business growth, one of the most important things you need to do is to find the right financing partner. Many people would think to rather do this without a mediator. With the help of our database, you can establish direct contact with the investors and have the opportunity to negotiate the best possible terms for your business. Since you are dealing with them directly, you can reduce costs of funding.

icon Partner program

Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships. We believe that a trusted relationship makes financing transactions easier and more comfortable for all participants. Regardless of whether you are an individual or a legal entity, if you have a friend or client who could benefit from our services, please send us their contact information and we will get in touch with them. You will receive a referral fee for every successful transaction. We guarantee transparency throughout the entire process and formalize our relationship with a legally binding partnership agreement.

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