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Dear Customer,

Billbarter Group offers you a unique opportunity.
We have been dealing with international financing for ten years. During this period, the biggest challenge was to find potential financiers and investors from all around the world.

At Billbarter Group, we decided to sell our database of financiers and investors we had gathered over time.

Why is that being sold?
We save signed an exclusive mandate with one investor from 2022, so the list is no longer needed for us, so management has decided to sell it as an unused item.

There are 1500 financiers from all over the world. Banks, investors, family offices from Arab, Asian, EU and American regions.

Of course, all 1500 contacts available are valid. The list typically includes the company name, web address, direct email and phone number.

Virtually anyone with this list can open a financier’s office right away, as the biggest treasure gets in their hands. The network of contacts!

The price of the list is 9.990 EUR + VAT

If you want to get in touch with one of the biggest players in the market, now is the time.

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